Change In Attitude

Well' I'm back again on this blog. I'm ashamed of not being able to stick to my plans...I can't take the fact that am already 31 years old but I only have P3,000 on my bank account. I am already earning around P30,000 monthly and yet, I wasn't able to save. I've been working for almost ten years now and yet, I still feel I'm still starting in my career. Yes, I am afraid. Afraid to lose, afraid to be laughed at, afraid to be alone. I don't want to take risks and thinks negatively in every application. I definitely hate myself. I don't want to live like this anymore but I don't know how to start. I know I have the capacity to be rich but I don't have the proper discipline to reach that goal. Lord, help me to change my attitude. I don't want to be a happy go lucky girl anymore, I want results. I want good results. I hope the next time I vent out my feelings as honestly as this one...I already have good news. For now, wish me luck.


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