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Yesterday, my friend GK asked me if I want to join them as they are planning to enroll themselves in a gym close to our office. Well, that would really be fun as I really want to lose these extra 50 pounds off my body. It would be nice seeing myself in a bikini swimwear on our trip to Boracay next month or to wear a beautiful gown from La Femme Dresses for my cousin's wedding in November. I love to get one of those la femme dresses on sale so I really need to lose these extra weight to fit in to the dress. I've also seen a cute Cocktail Dress from Elegant Mart which I intend to purchase if only I could lose at least 20 pounds before November. I've never been skinny all my life so I am really hopping that I could at least experience wearing those kinds of dresses. I guess I would try to give myself one last shot. Will try to decide the whole day tomorrow and if my budget and my schedule would allow me, I would join my friends in the gym.


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