Gifts for Empoy

I guess I've already told you about my favorite site posylane. Just recently checked their site and I was able to see three items that really catch my attention. You see posylane is a perfect site for anyone who wants to get cute and affordable gifts for children. Now that my littel Empoy would turn three this May, I am currently looking for the perfect gift I could give him for his birthday as early as now. Here's some of my chosen few.

I love the baby memory book, here I could put in all his baby pictures, put in some captions and viola! A cute collection of books full of his childhood memories. The book is loose leaf and contains about 50 to 60 decorative pages where I could put in some funny captions. I know in time he would appreciate my effort in giving him a personalized gift such as this one.

I also would like to give him one of those child backpacks in baby blue color where he could put in his stuff in school. Mom wants us to send Empoy to a prep school immediately since he doesn't have any playmates in our village. It's a good training ground for Empoy and to also help him improve his speech.

And last but not the least, a cute little school memory book. Since Empoy would be going to school very soon, it's nice to jot down some fun and memorable things he've done during his first year in school and writing it down into this cute book would be wonderful. I wish my mom also made some effort to give me some memorabilia when I was still a toddler but I guess posylane is not yet operational that time so never mind. Lol.

Those are my few chosen picks and I would definitely buy these things one of this days for my little angel Empoy for his birthday.


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