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grabe, sobrang tumal ng review offers ngayon. Haaay... I am so worried about my money making experiment that I added a few more blogs so I can submit those again on those paid to post sites. I used to earn at least $10 a day from it because of my PR3 blog, but since google slapped my PR (for 3 of my blogs and left me with one with PR1) ... those review offers I receive are getting less. Well, I think that's a life of on online blogger. Sometimes you got it all, sometimes you're left with none. Actually, I have 2 review offers at hand - one is for $10 (minus 35% commission of the site) and a $5 review (minus commission) offer which would give me a total of barely $10 for both reviews. I am thankful for every blessings I am getting no matter how big or small it is.... I just hope I can find more ways on how to make money online as many people depends on me. My live in partner Jojo does'nt have a regular job right now and is just managing to help me on my online venture. He usually is the one who visits sites and put in comments to help me promote my blogs. He also the "clicker" who clicks on those PTC sites and the survey taker for those survey sites I joined. We are planning to have a home based business but were still on the brainstorming stage right now. I hope and pray that everything would going to be fine for us. I know that my salary is not enough for both of us especially that our transportation expenses eats up most of my salary... I just hope I can find more ways to earn now that I have a "talent" and all the resources for it. I plan to retire after 3 years...I mean, I don't want to work for others anymore. It's either I'll gonna concentrate on my blogging scheme or I'll gonna be an entrepreneur myself... but I thought to myself, how can i do that if the only savings I have in the bank is P1500? Yup, nakakahiya mang aminin, I only have P1,500 in the bank after working for almost 6 years now. That's sad indeed. I hope I can have the will and the drive to save something for my future and I hope and pray God would help me achieve it. I know God knows better than I... there's a greater thing that would happen anytime soon. By faith I pray, amen!

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