peeping jojo...


what are you looking at?

i came from the office at around 3:30 am - on our office ( i am working in a call center) - if the volume of calls are not so heavy, they allow their employees to file VGH (Voluntary Go Home)
and they are usually permitted to go home earlier than their usual shift.

I applied for VGH because i want to enjoy my birthday. I will be turning 28 this February 22nd and I definitely want to enjoy it. So after my good friend Gherj treat me out for early morning breakfast - off I went home and had a nice time with my boyfriend Jojo.

We cooked "pinakbet" - i want to eat healthy foods from now on as I am not getting any younger - and while waiting for the meal to cook - I took a picture of him on our living room. It's kind'a  funny... it's like he is looking for something outside but he is afraid of being caught....

the whole day was spent in bed.... the breeze is so cold and it's the best time to rest. Tomorrow - I know Ill gonna be busy... will update you as to where and how I celebrated my birthday...

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balidreamhome said...

Your birth date is just a day after me :-)

My birth date is February 21st....

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