I Love Books!

A part of my new years resolution for 2011 is to read as much books as I can. Actually I intend to read two books at a time. I believe that reading is a way for us to gain more knowledge and with more knowledge comes more confidence. And more confidence of course builds self esteem. And I need to have a lot of self esteem to be honest with you, haha. Anyways, I was browsing the net about the benefits of reading when I stumbled upon Netflix for Books. I never knew there is such a thing as book rental membership. I would love to just rent books or audio books for my daily reads, in that way, I don't need to collect books and later pass them on to someone due to limited space in my house. I've learned that all I just need to do is to be a member, they do have different membership options depending on the reader's needs. They can pay for monthly, semi-annual or annual membership. What's cool about this is that you get a membership for someone as a gift. I'm sure my friend Mark would appreciate having this as a birthday gift! I would definitely be a member soon!


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