Friendship on the Rocks

Just earlier today, I received an email from my friends boyfriend. He asked me if I do have some kind of misunderstanding with Michelle, her gf, as she once told him that she would never talk to me anymore. I was shocked and worried at the same time as I don't ever recall having any fight with her. He said he is not sure and that he will contact me again once he was able to get the full details. Though I am positive that we don't have such fight, I am still bothered. I hurriedly texted our common friend Odette Jimenez to just check if she does have any info regarding our friend's sentiments and she said she doesn't have a clue. Next month would be Michelle's birthday and I am trying to throw a party for her. I even searched and even contacted some of our long lost friends through a Name Find site just to be able to invite as many friends as possible. I don't know if this surprise birthday party would push through because if she really is mad at me... I don't think this would work. I hope her boyfriend would get back to me as soon as possible because I don't want to waste any more energy just in case the party would not materialize.


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