Haunted by an Old Memory

He again chatted with me saying he got a tech support position on the same company I am working for only he was deligated in UP Ayala Hub. To be honest with you, I don't know why instead of being happy... I was kind'a sad about it. I resigned from my first job because of him... because I don't want to fall in love with my best friend. We're not able to see each other for five long years and then boom ... all of a sudden, he would again show up saying "at last! we're now officemates!" He does'nt have to go to the path I've walked through. I'm soooo much over him already since the day I confessed to him what had transpired in the past which made me decide to leave my job. I was kind'a devastated as he still doesn't have any clue how much he've hurted me. I don't want him to to ruin my life again. I managed to be fine without him... I managed to survive. Now, he's back - wanting me to be a part of his life again...it's just so unfair. I don't know why God allows me to go through the same path again but I believe that this is just a test of faith. I must be strong... I must learn how to resist. I must not give in...not anymore...

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