Last week, Tuesday, I had the chance to take an exam for my application as OFFLINE REPRESENTATIVE FOR TIER 2 in CVG Commonwealth. This is the first time in three years that I'll gonna apply for a promotion. I received an email last Monday that I need to go to the site to take an assessment for Tuesday and to tell you honestly, sobrang kinabahan ako, grabe! I immediatedly reviewed some common terminology used in DSL and went to the at&t helpsite to check for frequently asked questions. Right after my shift, I with Jojo, went straight to the site but unfortunately, nobody knows anything about my exam. Even the receptionist doesnt have the slightest idea on where I need to go. Though I already showed them the text message I received on where I need to take the exam - the guards send me off to LG, UG, 2nd and 3rd floor. I waited at the lobby for almost an hour now and I am really planning to leave in another 30 mins. Good thing, I texted the one who informed me about the exam and after an hour (watda!) she replied asking me to look for a certain TL. The guard accompanied me and informed the TL that I have been there for more than an hour now. The TL is so kind and asked me to take the exam at the conference room for 30 mins. I never thought that the exam would be that easy - it is a five part exam and I answered 3 parts I believe with flying colors. I am positive with the result of it. After 30 mins, the TL came back asking me if I am now ready for the interview. I said yes but he said that it would be better if I am with my TL when they conduct the interview. In that way, my TL can agree to what I am saying. He said I just need to wait as they will contact my TL for the interview schedule with the Operations Manager. I asked him how would I know if I passed or I failed the exam and he replied saying "This test is not a test if you would make it or not - this is just an assessment on how well you know some technical stuff". He said that it is a TIER 2 position w/c I really cant understand. As far as I know, I am already a Tier 2 Tech Support Rep. Well, he also said there are also 2 other applicants from our site and they might get one from us as the position is urgent. I went home tired, hopeful and happy. I did my best - I think that's what really matters. To you be the Glory Jesus, Amen!


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melandri said...

hi friend...long time no see.
ehere have u been? never come around my blog again,,

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